This application is no longer supported, see note at end of page.

   WebGen is a standalone utility written in C# designed to allow a user or users, easy access to update a website with a minimal amount of HTML knowledge and access clearance. It is not designed to replace a professional web designer nor a web site company with a large backend support structure. Those sites are expensive to create and maintain; There is a reason for that, many sites are non-trivial in their construction and may require many hours of maintenance and configuration.

   Most sites generally have a basic format with a banner heading and a menu of sorts and once configured, requires little attention unless major changes are made to the page layout. WebGen allows a user or users to make the daily changes; like board members, contacts, email addresses, and etc. without having to edit the entire page. The application automatically connects to the website using a stored encrypted username and password, which allows another person or employee to make changes without having access to the entire website; they only need access to a PC with WebGen configured on it. Two or more persons may be responsible for making changes as the application downloads the current data from the website each time it opens, preventing multiple copies conflicting with each other.

Code generation: WebGen contains some automatic code generation for HTML text formatting, tables, images, and email. Email can be displayed in clear text, as an icon, and as script designed to stop email scraping.

Username & passwords: Pages can be protected by a user/pass combination stored in a MySQL database, which can be used for custom membership list or any page that requires restricted access.

File downloads: File can be stored on the server for users to download and can be restricted to users only

System requirements: WebGen requires .NET and has been tested on Windows XP, 7, and 10. The hosting site requires ftp access to function and a Linux based host supporting JavaScript, Perl, and MySQL for database functionality.

  Those users with more HTML skills may edit the template and style sheet to reflect their personal tastes but requires access to the website via FTP.

Support discontinued

   I do not actively work on improving this project anymore. I had written the code on a Windows 7 machine and attempted a Windows 10 upgrade. It ended up in an infinite upgrade loop with some essential applications either disabled or unable to run. I eventually restored the machine to Windows 7, disabled the upgrade and now only use the machine for historical purposes only. This has been one of many times these upgrades have either trashed the OS or disabled applications I deemed essential. I have since started using my MAC mini using VMware and DOXBox to run those older essential applications and do not maintain a current MS machine.