Power of Attorney, John VanderVeer Estate 29 Nov 1732

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Know all men by these presents that wee Tunis VanderVeer of
the township of Freehold in the County of Monmouth yeoman,
Hendrick VanderVeer of East New Jersey in the County of
Summersett yeoman, Johannes VanderVeer of Flattbush in
Kings County and Province of Newyork yeoman, Isaac Van Nuys
of East New Jersey in the County of Summersett yeoman,
Femmetje VanderVeer, and Sara VanderVeer, both of Flattbush
in Kings County abovesd. spinsters Doe Make ordaine Consti-
tued and by these Presents Do Make ordaine and Constitute
and in our Places and stead putt and Deputt our truety and
Loving Brothers Cornelius VanderVeer, Michiel VanderVeer,
Jacob VanderVeer, and John VanderVeer, all of the County of
Monmouth Summersett and Kings Country as out true and Lawful
attorneys for us and in our names and for our use to sell a
Certaine piece of Parcell of Land Lying at a place Called
Cramberry Brook, and to Give sufficient Deed for the same,
and to alsoe Demand Sue for Levy Recover and Recieve all
such sum and sums of Money, Debts, Goods, Wares, Dues, ac-
compts, and other Demands Whatsoever, which are or shall be
Due, Owing Payable and belonging to us, or Detained from us
by any manner of wayes or means Whatsoever, by any Person or
Persons Whatsoever, Giving and Granting unto our said Attor-
neyes by thse Presents, our full and whole power strength
and authority in and about the Premises, to have use and
take all Lawfull wayes and means in our names for the Re-
covery thereof, and upon the Receipte of any such Debts, or
sum or sums of money as aforesaid, Acquittances, or other
sufficient Discharges for us and in our names, to make seal
and Deliver, and generally all and every act and acts,
thing and things, Device and Devices in the Law whatsoever,
neddful and necessary to be done in the Premisses, of the
Recovery of all or any such Debts, or sums of money afore-
said for us and in our names to Doand Execute and perform,
as fully Largely, and apply to all Interests and Purposes
as wee ourselves might or Could Doe, if we was parcelly
Present or as the matter Required more special authority
then is herein Given fo the Purposses aforesaid to make
and Constitute and againe at Pleasure to Revoke, Ratifying
allowing and holding for firm effectuall all and whatsoever
our said attornyes shallLawful Do in and about the Premises
by virtue hereof. In Witness whereof wee the abovenamed have
hereunto sett our hands and seals this 29th. Day of November 1732.
Sealed and Delivered

Abraham Lott

Teüneis Vanderveer
Hendrick Van Der Veer
Johannes Van DerVeer
Isaac Van Nuys
Femmetje Van der Veer
Sara Van Der Veer