Translation of Power of Attorney dated June 20, 1706
Dordrecht, Holland, The Netherlands

  This is translation in progress of a document dated 20 Jun 1706 in Holland. The original is still on file with the city archives of Dordrecht and I obtained a copy and it is being translated by Marcel van der Veer of the Netherlands. It has some moisture damage making it somewhat difficult to read in places and is in old Dutch handwriting and the old Dutch language that differs somewhat from today's current usage which adds to the difficulty; many thanks to Marcel for his efforts. The translation is not completed as of yet, but here is what we have

Number 105

On friday the 20th of Jun 1706 appears before me Cornelis van Aansurg (opend: ?) notary by the court of Holland admitted, (binnen der erf residerend?) of the next witnesses: (E:?) Dominicus Dominicussen van der Veer living in Midwout, in the providence of New York, by (altans?) here in the city as task the procurationholder of the widow and heirs of the late Cornelius Dominicus, commonly named Cornelius Lion, all living in New York further (?) (?) (nog) as task the procuration holder of miss Cornelia van Wesel, living in Amsfoort, in the province of New York (voorm: ?) last widower to the late (Do?) Wilhelmus Luijpardus, and being assisted with her present husband Marten Schenk (...) of respective procurations, to the other in this [matter] (geinhereerd?) and stated as follows

(...) he everyone that this present (...) will see or hear, read, (salut?), before we undersigned (...) and heirs to the late named Cornelius Leeuw in our names and in our places have nominated, appointed, (onderstellen niets dezen ?), our well trusted and dearly beloved son and brother Dominicus Dominicussen to (te) be [and to be] our only empowered to (voor) us, and in our name, and to our customs, (te sijfschen ??), demand, col- lect, ... all that ..., ..., as us all, or any of us as collective heirs of the above name Cornelius Dominicus belonging [to] an as him (...) in his (...) in any part of Europe, and (...) [having] intent to any

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part of the seven provinces of the united netherlands, or otherwise under the obedience of the high power 'Staten Generaal' [Government], standing (?) (?) especially to claim and receive from Jacob Dominicus, or his heirs custody, administrators, or (descendent?) living, or once having lived on the island of Zuid Beveland, around the city Ter Goes, or Goes, in the province of Zeeland, a sum of thirtytwo hundred thirty [3230] guilders, (achtervoegens -?) (?) handwriting from word to word hereafter adding (namely) I under signed Jacob Jansz Dominicus I (?) (?) and similar to owe (?) to my brother Cornelis Jans Dominicus a sum of two and thirty hundred [3230] guilders and thirty, to pay (?) 1672. (?) hundred guilders and so forth (?) day (?) to that adding, until full payment (?) coming from buying land (?) (?) that [to] my brother Cornelis Dominicus have belonged, that I have redeemed, and currently am possessing, to a token of truth so I have signed on 2 (?) march 1671 Jacob Dominicus, and upon reception therefrom coming receipt and because (?) and liberation in Debit forma in our name to grant, and (?) (?) to him, or her, and all from her, glance therto (te confringeren?) to that (?) for us, and in our name, (te comparenren?) (?) men, courts, jud- ges and rights, all terms to (?) to supervise and to observe, and everywhere our persons to show and represent (?) to hear and to have executed, (?) appealed (?) commit, settle, liquidate

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