While in the military several years ago, we were discussing scenarios of attacks on US soil that would have catastrophic consequences. One simple attack that came out of that discussion was the disruption of the electrical grid. There have been several instances over the years where simple mechanical malfunctions rendered entire areas of the country completely paralyzed. Had this situation continued for very long, it would have become much more dire than a simple inconvenience. I had this story in my head for many years, contemplating what I would do and decided to write it down. The characters and events in this story are completely fictional and created as I developed the story line as a thought experiment not knowing just how it would end. Consider what would you be doing in thirty days if the power was off and wasn't coming back on. Stores, banks, hospitals, utilities, and many other things we depend on daily, would be rendered useless in our electric powered world.

   This story is about four people who are suddenly thrown into a world without the grid. Two of which are prepared and the other two, like most of us in the modern world, nowhere near prepared for such an event, and must adapt emotionally and develop the basic skills to survive.

The Commute
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